Summer Drive Project


Summer Drive is the largest MPG merchandising project covering huge number of extra/intensified visits of all points of sale on Croatian coast during summer period due to large number of tourists. Helping Clients increase sales, stocks and turnover.


During summer period we had 75 % staff increase. We hired 95 new employers on Croatian coastal area which were additional help to our regular staff or working on new client merchandising summer projects. Complete summer drive project was carried out with office support of 7 project Coordinators and 3 Account Managers.

Clients : P&G, Nestle, Nestle CPW, Pernod Ricard, Carlsberg, Jamnica, S.C. Johnson, Red Bull, Barilla…

All Clients involved in the summer drive project have had a remarkable growth ….

Local coverage of all Croatian islands

+ 15751

Extra hours monthly

+ 11140

Extra visits monthly


Extra merchandisers


Extra sales representatives


Extra MPG regional coordinators


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