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At MPG we realize the importance and influence DIGITAL APPLICATIONS and SERVICES play in the daily lives of people. From receiving a MOBILE SMS MESSAGES to keeping updated with friends on FACEBOOK digital media has become an integral component of our daily lives. When a person shares a picture from an event on INSTAGRAM or posts a tweet on TWITTER after a winning goal people are extending the reach of their own personal experience to thousands and even millions of people.

With extensive knowledge and experience gained from the early phases of development of DIGITAL and SOCIAL MEDIA platforms MPG has been able to create online and offline solutions that create results and empower the consumer more than ever before. The DIGITAL world has truly extended the reach for all consumer promotions and marketing activities however only with proven expertise, creativity, strategy and knowledge of the latest technology can you guarantee positive results. Be sure to consider MPG for your next DIGITAL promotion or activity to insure the best possible experience for your customer and future fans.